CryptoTab. One month after.

Well, 1 month has passed and I have already recovered my 4 euros. I don’t want to get too long talking about CryptoTab makes my posts get dislikes and I still don’t quite understand why … I guess they just haven’t tried it. Or because not enough money is made. But you have to understand that not everyone has $ 2000 to start with. And it’s a good way to get into the world of crypto assets.

I paid to increase my speed x2 on 5 devices (€ 5) and I have won € 10. So this month I paid € 10 and increased the speed x4 on 3 devices. So since he had 10 won, this month he should make more than 20 euros to make a profit. The speed of 3 devices has been multiplied by 4. Now I reach speeds of almost 20,000 Th / s. We continue in the next month!

You can see the video where you can check the data that I have published here, only …, the video is in Spanish :).

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