Crypto Tab. My evolution on the platform.

Let’s see, it is obvious that it is not a professional mining tool. But in return it has some functions that professional tools do not have. Such as the fact of being able to create a network. Pyramid or not, this system is used on countless platforms, including this one. So I consider the word pyramidal to be obsolete. Now everything works with referrals. Above all and especially the world of cryptocurrencies.

Well, clarified point 1, we can continue, I take the opportunity to mention that I have no link with Cryptotab. I publish it because I am discovering and testing new functions or ideas that I hope will help me reach the goal of $ 1 per day.

I will not mention the good points of the browser again because I already did in the previous post about CryptoTab.

Well, the screens that we will see next are real. It is the CryptoTab that I have installed on my pc. Well this month the evolution is as follows:

1. Mining speed: Always at maximum.
2. Mining speed in H / s: 3040 H / s while working with the pc, at night it can be set to 4000 H / s.
3. Cloud Boost X2: Before, I was mining at a maximum of 2000 H / s.
4. Network: 11 people have installed it from my referral link.
5. Total mined since the last time you withdraw the funds. In this case we could say that it is more or less daily.
6. Total mined since we installed the application.
7. Benefits of my mining network.
8. Benefits of a link system that I do not use.
9. Total mined since we installed the application, including the benefit provided by my network. This would be the total abosult.
10. Referral link.
11. Share your referral link on various social networks.
You can see in the first video that I uploaded almost a month ago, the numbers that I handled. I add a screenshot, and the url of the video in case someone wants to check it.

I do not know if they will appreciate the numbers in the image but in the video they will. (minute 2:39).
In addition, the platform gives you an UNLIMITED number of devices where to install them. So I have decided to dust off 4 laptops that I did not use, some better than others, and put them to mine, total, what can I lose? They have reduced my workday to 4 hours due to COVID19, and the ERTE you never know when you are going to charge it. So let’s try it! Right now I have paid 4 euros in CryptoTab to double the speed on 5 devices (x2). That means that this month I should earn more than 4 euros to be profitable, correct? We will see.

I know the figures are small, but right now in other investment platforms 100 euros gives you a very similar performance. Perhaps in some even your money will be blocked for 3 or 6 months. We could say that at the moment the performance is approximate to what they would give me 100 euros. I just haven’t had to invest money, just time and imagination.

I repeat that you can install it on multiple devices, whether mobile or computers. You just have to use a little imagination. Think about how many devices you have nearby …

The mobile application does not mine from your mobile, it is mining cloud (difficult to verify) but it brings some tools that the browser does not have, such as, for example, you can see all the devices that you have connected to your account, and the sum of all the mining speed. It must also be said that there are two almost the same app, one paid and the other free. I do not know the differences pq acquired the payment, for approximately 2.39. I think the free one took 3 days to activate once you had it installed.

I leave you the video that relates more or less what I have explained here but in Spanish;)

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